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Whirlpool® Range vs. Stoves

Is there a difference between a kitchen range and a stove? The truth is, both terms are interchangeable and describe the classic cooking appliance that you see in most kitchens. Ovens differ from stoves because although they are a component of a kitchen range, you also have the option of a freestanding oven for your kitchen which does not include a cooktop.

What is Induction Cooking? Whirlpool®

You may be wondering, ""what is induction cooking?"". It's a style of cooktop that provides fast cooking and optimal temperature control due to how it generates electromagnetic energy.

Induction cooktops interact with compatible cookware that generates their heat source while the glass top and surrounding elements stay cool. It makes clean-up seamless and easy by reducing baked-on, and burnt splatter on the cooktop. Its easy cleanup and temperature control will give you the benefits of both a gas and electric stove top in one.